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fb blocked me , i ‘ll be back tomorrow, this does not make a big difference . if i were saying something good , those who were reading the posts`and appreciating them can do what i was doing. i was just being myself and ourselves and expressing what i and we wanted to say. i am no activist and i don’t believe in activism and there are question marks around all activists. when the native Lebanese Resistance liberated South Lebanon , i retrieved my dignity and self esteem which were stepped upon by the colonialist ; what happened and is happening prove that people can make a difference by being themselves and believing in themselves as per the example of the Resistance . and this has to continue i thank all those who show ` support.

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A well known fact: world order’s top gun salesman is Putin !


Why would an exKGB arms dealer corrupt Putin bite the hand that made him the 200 billionaire that he is.
No, this is a showboat parade, all of it to sell Russia’s old rustic ships and faulty air to misiles. A well known fact the world order’s Top gun salesman is Putin !

  • “Russia is selling also arms to KSA . Russia’s big business is weapons sales, and the best customer is KSA who buys Russian weapons and gives them to al Nusrat and ISIS and uses them to fight and kill in Yemen . Russia is in Syria upon US request and to act on behalf of USA . The goal is to extend the war and prevent the victory of the Axis of the Resistance on the ground for the protection of Israel of course . ”
    Daniel Mabsout


The Russian parade is a show and the Russians have no real strength and will never engage in war as they say against US . Their weapons `are for sale and not for use, and they are the biggest arm dealers internationally , and it is not always good quality and sometimes there are problems with the customers The Russians will not `engage in war against US and cannot afford it , So the parade only serves the purpose of the show and nothing else . The truth about the Russian military capacities is` rather this.

When the seekers shall find truth? by any and all means necessary .

DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS The power of blocking and disabling one’s account any time they choose reminds of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. One should seek to blog somewhere like Word Press where no one blocks you , why should one write on the blog of Zuckerberg and be subject to his whims ? Is it […]


Facebook A Place Where Truth Gets Suspended, disabled, blocked and Deleted

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The Facebook guarantee:

SPEAK  TRUTH get suspended, disabled, blocked, deleted.

Speaking truth offends Facebook’s “Community Standards” and by “Community Standards” they mean:

Suspending, blocking and deleting anyone who speaks the truth about Putin’s war on Terror, anyone who unmasks the US and Israelis of training, arming, funding and creating ISIS, truth about the usurper Israeli state, truth about what is happening in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Lybia, Nigeria, Egypt… Above all Facebook suspends, blocks, and deletes when one supports his Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah , when one is in solidarity with Hezbollah, when one posts photos of his Eminsnce Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah

YES! These are the crimes that violate Facebook’s “Community Standards” .

What a bunch of crybabies at Facebook Administrators’ offices.

Hello world!

Recipe for making people human

1 cup of empathy
2 tablespoons of caring
1 ton of giving a damn

pour into hardened heart
watch love emergeIMG_6487